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Dried Wheat - A natural decorative masterpiece

Natural wheat is often thought to be golden in color, with a flaxen beard. We can offer to you a wide variety of natural wheat of various hues. Our black beard wheat, for example, is light blond in color from the stalk to the head, but dons a dark black beard on the tips of the head. This contrast of colors is striking in appearance, and makes a most distinct display.

Our blond wheat comes in various sizes, an 8 ounce, one pound or two pound bunch. This wheat can be short stem or long stem. Our blond wheat can be dyed to fit any decorating compulsion. We carry our dyed wheat in the rainbow colors of yellow, green, orange and red.

Very unique in looks and coloration is our natural green wheat. This wheat has not been dyed, but grows and matures a soft green color. Not only beautiful and unique, but natural green wheat can be purchased with our without a beard. Green wheat grows naturally both ways.


Club wheat is another fun variety of wheat to choose for any decorating purposes. Club wheat is a lovely soft minty green in color, sports a yellow head, but has a green beard. It is unique in its look and lovely on its own or when mixed with a variety of wheat or other grains.

Pick from our buttons which size you would like to receive and we will find the best that nature has to offer you. Our dried wheat are 100% guaranteed to be beautiful and eye catching.

All Dried Wheat Cleaned & Inspected to Ensure Perfection

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Triticum Wheat Stacks, Small - Grande Size

Triticum wheat stacks
Our wheat stacks are one of our favorite things to sell.  Wheat stacks come ready to be beautiful anywhere you put them.  Try them as easy centerpieces, corner pieces, or wall arrangements and you will love the results.  They come ready to go.  All you have to do is take them out of the box to create the perfect wheat arrangement for you party or event.

Product: Triticum wheat stacks
Tied:  Each stack is Professionally tied with jute twine
Single - Small stack: (Pictured as Q) 16 inches long
Single - Medium stack: (Pictured as P)  21 inches long
Single - Grande Stack: (Pictured as R)  5lbs of wheat, 31 inches long
Case Option - Small Stack: (Pictured as Q) 6 stacks per order, 16 inches
Case Option - Medium Stack: (Pictured as P) 6 stacks per order, 21 inches
Case Option - Large Stack: (Pictured as O) 2 stacks per order, 3lbs of wheat, 26 inches
Case Option - Grande Stack: (Pictured as R) 2 stacks per order,  5lbs of wheat, 31 inches

Triticum Wheat Stacks, Small - Grande Size Details

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dried wheat -- Crafts, Decorations, and Videos

We have the best so don't settle for anything less. We hand pick, clean, and inspect all our dried wheat. They are perfect for dried wheat corner pieces, wall arrangements, Christmas decorations, fall decorations and so much more.


Wheat is a grass that is often used for decorating. There are other grasses that we also sell for their decorative uses. We carry millet with its unique looking seed head. Our millet comes in its natural color of green to yellowish green and also dyed a beautiful burnt oak color. The texture of millet contrasts very well when placed in bouquets of other grains, dried flowers and curly willow.

Avena Green Oats add a lacey look to any bouquet, with their large and dangling seed heads. Naturally green in color, Oats blend in well with any of the other grains to make beautiful displays filled with color and texture that pleases the eye.


Watch almost any movie with a house and you will see dried wheat by the entry way. Dried Wheat looks great in the movies and it will look great in your home. Dried wheat helps your home look finished and authentic in the minds of guests. They will love to look at them.


Here are some example videos of the great things you can make with dried wheat:


Dried Wheat in Cornucopia

Combine Cutting Dried Wheat

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